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Our Signature Show:

Swing It!

Swing It! is a fresh and cheeky show filled with timeless boogie-woogie hits you love...or are about to fall in love with! In the style of a USO show, the Swing It! Girls transport the audience back in time and bring back the swing like you've never seen before! Whether you're a fan of this music through and through, or you're just hearing these songs for the first time, Swing It! is bound to have its audience giddy with the giggles and hot as peppers full of pep!

Swing It! can be performed with backing tracks or a live swing band!

The Swing It! Girls'

American Road Trip

Get your kicks on Route 66 with The Swing It! Girls, as they reminisce about their most recent American road trip.  Celebrate the land of the free and home of the brave while the lovely ladies of Swing It! sing through their travels in a show that is bound to be fun for the whole family.  Wear your best vintage attire and get ready for some audience participation!

The Swing It! Girls' American Road Trip can be performed with backing tracks or a live swing band!


Book this show on its own or in combination with our signature show, "Swing It!"

The Swing It! Girls Salute Our Veterans


A tribute to all those who have served our nation, this is the perfect choice for Veterans' Day.

In this entertaining and informative act, The Swing It! Girls look back at the history behind many of your favorite tunes. Do you know the story of THE Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy? Who of your favorite celebrities served in which military branch? Or how one got a ticket to the Hollywood Canteen? Find out in this fun, foot-tapping show!

The Swing It! Girls Salute Our Veterans features an interactive slideshow presentation throughout the performance and requires a projector and/or large video display.


This show can be performed with backing tracks or a live swing band!

"We Can Do It"
A Swingin' Celebration of Female Artists

Join The Swing It! Girls in a tribute to their favorite female artists. Get ready to sing along as these ladies take you on a sentimental journey through time, celebrating the women who inspired their group and paved the way for females in the entertainment industry.


This show can be performed with backing tracks or a live swing band!


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Sleigh Bells Swing!

The perfect trimming for your holiday party, The Swing It! Girls sing a wide variety of your favorite Christmas and holiday tunes! Complete with adorable winter-themed costumes and cozy choreography, let us help you get IN THE MOOD!

Want to dance all night long?  Small venue?  Short on time? 

Whatever the occasion, the Swing It! Girls have a show for you! Outside of our scripted shows, we can cater to any event with performances ranging from a short 4-minute backing tracked medley to a full evening of live music with a live band. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll put together your perfect package! 

The Swing It! Girls also have a beautiful rendition of the US National Anthem.  

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